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Android Wifi issue?

Nothing like using Google to search for the solution to a problem…mine was exactly as described at Android Forums, and the solution worked so well!

Originally Posted by Brandon0810

I have just started having similar problems today. My captivate is rooted and has been for weeks. Just today for some reason the wifi has stopped working correctly. I turn it on and after 30 seconds or so it shuts its self off. Just after turning on wifi I tried to search for networks and it says cannot search for networks amd shuts of the wifi. HELP PLEASE.

Answer by mui

I’ve experienced something similar as well and I think this is what helped me: Turn off WiFi in the notification tray, remove the file /data/wifi/bcm_supp.conf (I used Root Explorer, but “rm <file>” in shell after “su” should be ok), then turn on WiFi. This will re-generate the file and ask you again for the SSID, password, etc.

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The Value of Perserverance

Came across this great article via TechCrunch.

A taste for you:

But being able to handle rejection, and even seek it out, is a crucial skill for entrepreneurs. The flip side of getting rejected over and over again, of course, is perseverance. It doesn’t matter if 49 VCs pass on your startup if the 50th one hands you a check for $1 million, or if 24 engineers say No, but the 25th is a rockstar who says Yes. Getting to yes means letting the negativity wash over you.

So many people I know can’t handle rejection or take constructive criticism.   How else will you learn?  It’s just like when you have the opportunity to rate yourself at work on those 1 to 5 scales, when 3 means ‘met expectations’.  Do you give yourself a 5?  Why?  Don’t you have anything left to learn?

Another great (albeit late) reference to this was this article also posted by TechCrunch.

So, for instance, when comedian Chris Rock performs on HBO, the work is widely considered brilliantly creative, yet his routines, as with all stand-up comedians, are the output of what he has learned from thousands of little bets in small clubs, nearly all of which initially fail.  (As Stanford Professor Bob Sutton notes, writers for The Onion, known for its hilarious headlines, propose roughly six hundred possibilities for eighteen headlines each week, a 3 percent success rate.)  Rock must persistently tinker using an iterative approach to discover and develop fresh material.  And the cycle repeats, day in, day out.

I think the guys over at TechCrunch are definitely on a roll.  I’m a huge fan of perseverance because I don’t have a degree, and I didn’t get to my current job position by taking it easy.

Don’t give up!

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Can you hear me now?

A generic post, free from the aid of plugins, surely will be comment spammed.

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